Biological Teeth Whitening

Biological Teeth Whitening is a safe and effective whitening method used to restore the natural color of teeth. Unlike other whitening methods, biological whitening focuses on revealing the teeth's natural whiteness without using chemical ingredients or abrasive substances.

This method helps remove discolorations and stains on the teeth while preserving the natural whiteness of the tooth enamel. Biological whitening is carried out professionally by dentists and is a safe and effective option for patients.

Biological whitening is performed using a special gel or solution. When applied to the teeth, this gel or solution penetrates the discolorations beneath the enamel, revealing the natural whiteness.

Since biological whitening does not involve the use of chemical ingredients, it does not harm the tooth enamel. It is also gentle on the gums and does not cause sensitivity.

The procedure of biological whitening should be carried out carefully by dentists. Expert dentists create a whitening plan tailored to the condition of the patient's teeth and perform the procedure with precision.

Biological whitening removes a significant portion of teeth discolorations and helps restore the natural whiteness. After the procedure, patients have healthier and more natural-looking smiles.

However, it should be noted that just like any other whitening procedure, biological whitening should be supported by regular oral care. Following the dentist's advice on oral hygiene will help maintain long-lasting whitening results.

In conclusion, Biological Teeth Whitening is a safe and effective method to restore the natural whiteness of teeth. This procedure, performed by dentists, provides patients with a natural and healthy smile, boosting their self-confidence.


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