Porcelain Filling

Porcelain Filling (Porcelain Restoration)

Porcelain filling, is an aesthetic dental treatment used to restore decayed or damaged teeth. Dentists prepare porcelain fillings to match the natural color of the teeth, restoring their aesthetic and functional appearance.

Porcelain fillings, especially when used on the front teeth, blend in seamlessly with the natural teeth, resulting in highly successful aesthetic outcomes. These fillings do not contain any metal, preserving the natural appearance of the teeth, and they can be long-lasting.

The porcelain filling procedure is typically completed in two stages:

  1. Preparation Stage: The dentist removes the decayed or damaged part of the tooth and prepares it appropriately. Then, an impression is taken of the tooth, and a porcelain filling is prepared in the laboratory. A temporary filling may be used during this process.

  2. Application Stage: The prepared porcelain filling is applied to the tooth by the dentist. It is precisely placed and firmly bonded to the tooth surface. In the final step, the filling is polished to match the color of the tooth, completing the porcelain filling procedure.

Porcelain filling treatment corrects the chewing function of the teeth and strengthens them by treating decay. Additionally, it enhances the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, contributing to a beautiful and natural smile.

Porcelain filling treatment can be performed when deemed appropriate after a dental examination by the dentist. Good oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups are important for the successful application and longevity of the filling.


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