Smile Design

Smile Design

Smile design in dentistry involves preserving naturalness as much as possible and highlighting your individual features while determining and planning the necessary treatments. The position, size, shape, and color of individual teeth and the overall dental arch are evaluated. Commonly performed treatments in this scope include aesthetic fillings, inlay-onlay fillings prepared in a laboratory and bonded to the tooth, laminates (Laminate Veneer), Zirconium, and Empress veneers. By incorporating facial aesthetics and medical aesthetic procedures, positive contributions can be made to dental aesthetic treatments to achieve maximum aesthetics.

What is Smile Design?

Smile design is a dental procedure that creates smiles that are artistically more even and symmetrical, whiter, and more natural-looking. It often includes cosmetic, dental, and facial rejuvenation procedures based on the individual's preferences. While some may consider having Hollywood-white teeth sufficient, others may require additional treatments such as gum and lip aesthetics.

How is Smile Design Done?

The most important factor to consider during smile design is determining and creating the most beautiful smile that suits the individual. Therefore, the smile design dentist asks patients who visit the clinic to bring their youth photos and pictures of smiles they like. In addition, understanding the patient's expectations fully and carefully evaluating their feasibility is crucial. Smile design treatment consists of two stages: digital smile design and clinical treatments.

Stage 1: Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design involves preparing and visualizing the planned smile aesthetics using computer simulation before the treatment. It is essential to be able to plan the entire procedure from the beginning by creating a photographic record and a 3D examination opportunity through an alginate model during the evaluation stage. Therefore, the patient's photographs are first taken and transferred to a digital environment.

However, a few photos may not always be sufficient because a smile is a dynamic and complex movement produced by the interaction of many muscles, dental and lip architecture, creating different positions. For this reason, your dentist may also request a video recording.

The data transferred to the digital environment is processed using special smile design software, and the dentist adjusts the shape, size, alignment, and color of the teeth through computer manipulation based on the obtained photos and models. The LVI smile catalog is evaluated together with the patient during the design phase to discuss the appearance of the patient's tooth shapes and positions and the impact they can create in their smile.

Stage 2: Clinical Treatments

While these stages vary for each patient, the following procedures are often performed in many applications:

If there are teeth that need to be extracted, they should be removed, and surgical procedures should be completed first. If orthodontic treatment is required to correct crooked teeth, dental braces should be applied following the extractions, as it is a long-term treatment. If you prefer implants instead of bridges for missing teeth, implants should be surgically placed at this stage. Decay on teeth is restored with aesthetic fillings, and pink aesthetics are performed to adjust gum levels. If partial treatment is performed instead of treating all teeth, this is the most suitable time for teeth whitening. This ensures that the natural teeth are whitened before the prosthetic stage, eliminating problems such as color mismatch. The final stage involves the application of zirconium crowns and laminate veneers, which will provide the ultimate appearance. The stages of interim try-on may be included in laminate and zirconium applications to reassess the smile. If you have any desired changes in the shape or color of your restorations, you can inform your dentist at these points. Smile is an action formed by the combination of teeth and surrounding tissues. Therefore, after your restorations are placed, you can enhance the prominence of your new smile by receiving medical aesthetic procedures such as B


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