Dental Prostheses

What is Denture, How is it Installed? Types of Dentures and Prices

Fixed Dentures and Removable Dentures are successful treatments that can restore your chewing comfort and aesthetic appearance, and have been practiced for a long time. In this article, we aim to explain the types of dentures, how they are made, and their prices.

Removable dentures, also known as removable palate dentures, are more than enough to turn a person's life into a nightmare once their fit is compromised. Ill-fitting dentures that never stay in place not only affect a person's nutrition but also gradually lead them towards loneliness and silence, impacting their social life.

However, after a certain age, a person's quality of life and well-being are closely related to their overall health.

After spending a large part of your life in work, business, and rush, now you can't even enjoy a proper meal due to the constant fear of your dentures falling or causing pain.

Really, what could be more important than that?

Fortunately, thanks to the rapidly advancing technology in dentistry, the new generation of removable dentures and implant applications eliminate the nightmare aspect of dentures in our lives.

Perhaps it's not a bad idea to consider adding four implants when calculating the prices of removable dentures. It removes the limitations of dentures on your diet.

dental prosthesis

A dental prosthesis is an artificial material used to restore chewing function, phonetics, and aesthetic abnormalities caused by dental damage or tooth loss. In order to fulfill these functions, they rely on support from the existing teeth, hard tissues, or implants within the oral cavity.

Types of Dental Prostheses

  • Fixed Dental Prosthesis: These types of prostheses are anchored to natural teeth or implants within the oral cavity and do not require removal. They can effectively treat tooth loss caused by one or multiple missing teeth. Dental crowns and dental bridges are commonly used types of fixed dental prostheses.

    Removable Dental Prosthesis: Removable dentures, as the name suggests, are not fixed in the mouth. They rely on support from existing teeth, implants, or the palate. They need to be removed for cleaning after each use.

    Removable Dentures: Removable dentures, also known as removable partial dentures, are a type of prosthesis designed to restore chewing and speaking functions and restore aesthetic appearance in cases of tooth loss.

    When we replace the patient's missing teeth, we know that they will be able to have a comfortable breakfast with their grandchildren, gain more confidence, lead a more social life, and improve their quality of life.

    Therefore, during the fabrication of dental prostheses in our clinic in Antalya, we aim to eliminate the sunken appearance of the lips and cheeks caused by missing teeth, as well as correct speech function impairments.

    Types of Removable Dentures:

    1. Complete Denture (Full Denture)
    2. Removable Partial Denture (Clasp Denture)
    3. Snap-in Denture (Precision Attachment Denture)
    4. Implant-Supported Removable Denture

Palatal Prosthesis

Palatal prosthesis is a type of prosthesis applied in cases of complete tooth loss in a patient. It is also referred to as "complete denture" or "palatal denture" since it is solely supported by the palate.

Depending on the need, removable dentures can be prepared as temporary or permanent solutions. After natural teeth are extracted, the gum tissue starts to heal, and the extraction sites begin to fill with bone.

It takes about 10-12 weeks for the palates to become ready for the fabrication of a new denture after tooth extraction.

Unlike traditional complete denture, the fabrication of temporary dentures can be completed before tooth extraction, and they can be adjusted and placed immediately after extraction without waiting for the healing process. However, this is where the biggest disadvantage of temporary dentures arises.

As the healing progresses, the fit between the prosthesis and the palate is compromised, requiring frequent adjustments and realignments. Therefore, temporary dentures should only be used in necessary cases.

In total dentures, the pressure generated during chewing is transmitted to the palates and then to the jawbone through the denture base.

Patients can easily remove palatal dentures and perform their cleaning manually. These types of prostheses can be easily inserted and removed by the patient, allowing for manual cleaning.

Patients who use this type of prosthesis are the ones who most frequently require implants among all removable denture types. Since palates without teeth are the only area where the prosthesis can gain support, they tend to become loose and may require a longer adaptation period.


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