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Root Canal Treatment and Apical Surgery Apical Surgery

When a tooth remains infected for a long time without any treatment, a serious infection can develop at the root apex. In such cases, apicoectomy can be performed. In this procedure, the gum tissue is opened to expose the underlying bone and remove the infected tissue. The infected portion of the root apex is also removed, and the root canal is completely sealed to prevent any leakage of infection.

The prices of root canal treatment are determined according to the fee guide set by the Turkish Dental Association (TDB) for the year 2023. For a single-rooted tooth, the fee is set at 1170 TL (approximately 48.75 Euro). However, it should be noted that the availability of root canal treatment in government hospitals may vary, and private clinics may have different average prices. Our dental professionals explain the detailed information about the fees for different teeth in our article.

What is Root Canal Treatment? Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is a procedure performed to treat an infected or dead pulp when other treatment methods, such as dental fillings, are not effective.

When bacteria from dental decay reach the pulp chamber where the blood vessels and nerves are located, the tooth becomes defenseless and the pulp gets infected.

The inflammatory reaction that occurs in the pulp tissue upon contact with bacteria is called pulpitis.

During this phase, severe pain, especially at night, is common. If the infected pulp is not removed, the existing infection can spread to the surrounding tissues, and tooth extraction may be necessary.

How much does Root Canal Treatment cost? According to the TDB fee guide, the prices for root canal treatment (endodontics) in private hospitals and dental clinics in major cities like Antalya and Istanbul are as follows:

  • For single-rooted lower and upper front teeth, as well as upper first premolar and lower second premolar, the fee is 1170 TL (approximately 48.75 Euro).
  • For two-rooted upper second premolar, the fee is 1750 TL (approximately 72.92 Euro).
  • For three-rooted or multi-canalled lower and upper molars, the fee for root canal treatment (excluding filling) is 2390 TL (approximately 99.58 Euro).

In addition to the mentioned treatments, an additional fee of 650 TL (approximately 27.08 Euro) is charged for each additional canal, 460 TL (approximately 19.17 Euro) for nerve extirpation (pulp removal), and 1115 TL (approximately 46.46 Euro) for retreatment of previous root canal treatment.

For primary (baby) teeth, the fee for treatment is 1465 TL (approximately 61.04 Euro), while for children with open apex, an additional fee of 1475 TL (approximately 61.46 Euro) is required for apexification (apical barrier formation) for each single-rooted tooth canal treatment.

What factors affect the treatment fees? Before starting the treatment, the cause and extent of the infection should be evaluated. The dentist will take an X-ray image to assess whether the infection has spread to the bone.

In some cases, the tooth may have died much earlier due to decay, fracture, or trauma, and the infection may have spread to the bone or caused rapid cyst development at the root apex. Treatment of such cases with periapical lesions may require more sessions than the standard procedure, which can increase the treatment costs.


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